Saturday, December 19, 2020

Rage Vomit

The cat has long lost patience with our late-night work schedule, as it interferes terribly with her feeding schedule: we don’t feed her until we go to bed, and since we’re up late into the evening working to prepare for the next day’s work at Katie’s booth, she might not get fed until 2 or later in the morning.

This is, of course, an intolerable affront to her, and she makes a good case by coming in periodically to announce that she has, by god, had enough of our shenanigans.

Katie and I are both bent over our work when we hear, from back towards the kitchen, a swollen yowling rising up from the kitchen where the cat has waited long enough for her dinner.

Katie jumps up and rushes back to the kitchen where, sure enough, the cat has decided to express her rage at our neglect by throwing up on something.

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