Monday, October 30, 2017

Aggressively Friendly

The line for the self-checkout at the store can go either to the left or the right, and nobody seems to ever know which, so I just slide in next to the woman waiting there.

So when the guy rolls up with his grocery cart on the other side of her and just sort of looks around blankly without really seeing me, I get a little anxious: how am I gonna let him know that I was here first?

On his next scan of the area, though, we lock eyes, and I give him the biggest, most genuine smile I can, along with a chin lift, and I even say, "Hey, how's it going?" which is a little more forward than I was really planning for but okay, apparently this is what we're doing.

He looks vaguely alarmed at all this, but when somebody else comes up, he makes a point of saying, "Uh, I'm actually the back of the line."
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