Friday, May 31, 2013

I Must Have Had "Soft Eyes"

The two bulldog puppies tumble over the redheaded toddler in their midst, just one more puppy to them, another playmate, another chew toy to gum. The toddler laughs like a maniac, even as the puppies knock him to the ground, and continues to laugh as he stuggles to sit up, fails, and is swarmed over by their enthusiastic, chubby, fuzzy bulks.

A crowd has gathered, sharing vicariously in the joy exuded by these three wonderful, loving little idiots, and as we're about to leave, a gentleman with whom we made eye contact earlier stops and calls me over to show me some pictures on his phone. I'm feeling particularly easy-going after witnessing such unabashed joy, and so I listen as he points to the pictures of huskies playing with a polar bear, saying, "So, you can tell when an animal, a dog, wants to play, because they have 'soft eyes.'"

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