Thursday, January 12, 2017


The man sitting down in front of me on the packed subway covering his balding head with a black yarmulke elaborately stitched in day-glo mathematical symbols can't seem to keep still, despite his clear best efforts. His red beard twitches as he bites back words, he shrugs, first one shoulder, then the other, nods angrily, looks to his left, tenses up his whole body, then visibly attempts to relax.

I close my eyes and reach out with my mind, as strange as that sounds, and I imagine I can feel knots of tension and anger and crossed neurons that permeate his body, flashing like Christmas lights.

I imagine gently smoothing out one of the knots, but it's like smoothing out a tablecloth with a pebble embedded in the wood underneath, and I abandon my vision, open my eyes with a sigh, and adjust the volume on my headphones before I go back to my book.
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