Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nothing's Wrong

We came into the grocery store together, but somewhere between the shelves overflowing with dusky potatoes and the papery sheen of onions, and the cool, refrigerated green vegetables stacked neatly under fluorescent lights, I turn around to find that Katie's gone.

Rationally, I know she just took a detour, probably to grab her coffee before she forgets, but when I look down the coffee aisle, past the evaporated milk and the boxes of tea, she's nowhere to be found.

A mild panic rises in my chest: what if she's gone, and I never see her again?

I find myself mourning a little, wishing I said something, told her I loved her, before I assumed she was following me into the produce, but when I turn down the frozen foods aisle she's walking towards me, carrying a bag of coffee, smiling as if nothing's wrong.
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