Saturday, February 20, 2016

Willful Blindness

Despite the clause in the lease that clearly states "no pets," we've had a cat for years, so while we haven't been flaunting our recently acquired dog in our landlord's face, we haven't exactly kept her a very close secret, either.

So when the landlord and his handyman come up to check a leak in the radiator that threatens to cave in our downstairs neighbor's ceiling, I shove Coco, our very territorial shiba inu, in another room and pretend that her howls and barks of protest simply aren't happening.

Our landlord seems inclined to go along with the charade, since he seems to like us as tennentsd, but the handyman didn't get the memo, and keeps drawing attention to the dog as she loses her mind in the other room at the unfamiliar humans in her space.

"Is she a big dog?" he asks over her dry, coughing bark, while I pretend to stare at the ceiling and our landlord looks at something over to his left, with an expression that suggests someone mentioned having smelled a fart.

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