Saturday, February 27, 2016

Objection: Leading the Witness

I see my friend and neighbor across the intersection, give her a smile, and cross the street with the light while she waits for me, both of us pulling off our headphones as I approach.

Without exchanging a word, she extends the headphones to me with a toothy grin and I slip them on to find Van Morrison's "Moondance" lilting along.

After I return them to her, we walk down the block together, and I ask her if this is her favorite Van Morrison album, but I almost instantly feel guilty for asking such a leading question: either she answers that it's the same album as I'm thinking, in which case we can agree and I've told her something about myself (it's all about me), or she says it's this album, and I insist that she listen to some other album, which again tells you something about myself.

But my wise friend is on to me, and she answers tactfully, "I think so?"

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