Friday, July 3, 2015

Stepping In

I've got my headphones in, plus I'm too far away to hear them anyway, but it's easy to see from their posture and their expressions that these two kids and the bald guy in the suit are arguing. He commented about them standing in the way on the stairs down to the train, they took offense, the usual stuff.

Now, on the platform, they're standing a little ways down from the guy in the suit, eyeing him with ill intent, and just as they move in to do... well, I don't know what, but they had something in mind... I step in the way, right between them and their target, and start reading, as if I'm oblivious.

My heart is pounding, I'm on high alert, but my physical presence seems to have diverted whatever was about to happen, and the bald guy to my right looks around nervously and then bugs off, leaving me standing with the two kids who, bereft of the object of their ire, shuffle their feet and then, for lack of anything else to do, get on the next train.

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