Saturday, February 21, 2015


The guy walking down the street looks like something exploded right at eye level, maybe a squid or octopus or something, and his face seems normal except where these narrow brown stains seem to have splattered across the middle of his face, and where they touched him, he's all burned and the liquid or whatever it was burned in little spatters like a grease fire. Only it looks like it just happened, because his eyes are haunted and he's walking with this tentative little shuffle-step that makes him seem like he's just about to burst into tears. He knows how he looks, and he's incredibly ashamed and self-conscious. 

This woman walks by and makes a face as she sees him, sort of over her shoulder, and he knows she did, it's like he can feel her look and her horror and disgust, and his expression's like the dog that's shitting in the middle of the sidewalk: "So sorry you have to see this, I wish there was somewhere else I could do it, please go about your business."

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