Sunday, June 23, 2024

Matthew 5:45

As the train pulls in, Katie and I step to one side of the door, like you do, to let the passengers inside off before we get on. 

Another woman, an old, stooped, gray-haired woman in a shapeless gray and black dress with a thoughtless pattern printed on it, steps directly in front of the door and, when it opens, desperately shoves her way into the car to grab a seat before anyone can get off, earning herself a few dirty looks from her fellow passengers in the process.

Later, the old lady and I are seated next to each other, and a family pushing a baby carriage gets on the train and parks the carriage in front of us, presenting us with a beautiful, brown little baby with fat little fingers and toes, who, after considering us with a certain amount of confusion for a moment, favors us with the most beatific, loving blessing of a toothless smile.

The old lady leans over to the parents of this angel beaming at us and asks, “How old is she?"

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