Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dogs and Ducks and Sticks

The black and white harlequin Great Dane laps the water at the pond’s edge while the smaller dog, all ears and bantam confidence, dances nearby. A cold breeze ripples the surface further out, and the ducks hunch down, then exuberantly splash and flap their wings before diving and coming out to do it all again. 

The small dog, tired of waiting for something to happen, finally breaks for the hill nearby and races up with his owner calling after him, when he suddenly skids to a halt, arrested by a stick longer than he is and almost as thick.

He struggles to lift it, then drops it without regret and sprints away, whereupon the Dane, who has followed him up with two strides, grabs the stick, and with graceful movement and the leverage of an enormous paw, tilts one end up to his jaw and proceeds to gnaw it with gusto. 

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