Monday, March 14, 2016

Eat Something

Instead of rushing her along during our after-work walk, I allow the dog a pause by the garbage can to sniff, and it occurs to me that, at her advanced age, any walk could be her last.

These scents she inhales, the air she breathes, the sights she sees, all of these could be the last, or near the last, things this consciousness that we call "Coco" ever experiences - a unique experience in all the universe that will never exist again.

But then, I realize, isn't that the same for me, too, and I aren't I just as likely to be snatched from this earth, this consciousness called "I" snuffed out forever, to be forgotten, as we are all forgotten, in an indifferent world where life is so fleeting...?

My stomach grumbles, and I remember I kind of skipped breakfast, and had a very light lunch, so maybe I'm less deep and more just hungry.

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