Saturday, November 1, 2014


Most of the kids (even the older ones who don't wear costumes, childish and hulking in their love of candy like bears) are polite. Despite their ignorance of the exact etiquette, they still know (mostly) to say thank you, and the obligatory "Trick or treat!"

But this little wide-eyed wonder child, no mask, body encased in the faux-muscle costume of an adolescent mutant amphibian possibly trained in the art of ninjitsu, ignores all rules of decorum or personal space and climbs right up the stoop to me, his face inches from mine. His hand rests on my knee as I place a box of Whoppers and a mini Kit-Kat in his cloth bag, and he does not blink or speak as, our transaction finished, he climbs down, rejoins his parents and continues down the sidewalk on his quest for more, more, more, ever more.

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