Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not All That Great a Door, Really, Either

Two guys stand in the doors of the subway, shoulder to shoulder, facing the interior of the car, unmoving, when the car pulls into the station. People getting on and off the car are forced to squeeze between their stocky, inert forms, and they seem not only to not notice, but to aggressively not care.

Once I'm on the train, I observe them carefully: two latino guys, roughly the same height, both maybe in construction, stained pants, heavy boots well-worn, hats and hooded sweatshirts.

I think of all the ways I might tell them off ("nice place to stand, jagweeds," or "wanna get out of the way?") but when we come into the next stop, they get off the train without even looking at each other, and I realize they probably didn't even know each other, and were just standing like that.

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