Monday, April 8, 2013

Justice Served with a Side of Awwwwww-yeah

After taking Katie to see the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden back in February, our attempt to take a taxi home to Brooklyn was stymied by a cabbie who refused to go. He demanded we pay him upfront, in cash, and wouldn't turn on the meter.

This was not our first rodeo, so we got out of his cab (first taking his license number) to find a more honest taxi, and I spent most of the night in a rage, calling in the offense to the city hotline, fulminating against the cabbie, his questionable parentage, and a city that would let my wife freeze out in the cold.

Today I got an email saying that the cabbie had plead no contest to my complaint and paid a fine, and I felt a small joy that sometimes, justice was served, even in the big, tough city.

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