Friday, February 3, 2017


My concentration, never the best first thing in the morning, is further strained when the quiet of my pre-dawn yoga is split by a car alarm going off right in front of our building. It eventually stops on its own, but you know that if it goes off once without someone actively disarming it, it's going to go off again.

Before it does though, I hear voices outside arguing, and I recognize one of them as the voice of the beggar that hangs out on this block most days, yelling, demanding, "Listen, you gotta help me out, right now!"

His aggression worries me (is he mugging somebody? in front of my building?), and I rouse myself from the mat and go to the window, thinking maybe to lean out, shout, tell him to leave, but when I look down to the street below, I see him all bundled up against the cold, standing in the street on the driver's side of a yellow taxi, leaning down, and his voice takes on a pleading tone as he says to the cabbie, "You gotta help me, I need five dollars, give me the money, please."
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