Monday, March 17, 2014

Bonus: Flora and Fauna of the London Underground

The "Underground" actually goes aboveground through this suburb of quaint brick houses and village greens, and spring is already scattering daffodils and stringing ivy along the banks of the railway as if winter mugged somebody else this year.

Dandelions and grass cover everything with electric yellows and greens, and the sun echoes the flowers in an optimistic blue sky filled with the breath of plants breathing their first breaths in months.

On the train, a couple speaks German in a cynical way, while a girl and boy make faces at a teenager across the aisle, and she tries not to smile by scowling in an encouraging fashion.

A kid reads the paper for the football scores while eating a chocolate croissant, and I can smell the sweet, sugary pastry while I gaze from face to face, looking at my fellow animals the way you do when you're in an unfamiliar, but safe, new place.

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