Saturday, July 27, 2013

A 22-foot Long Battleship Made of Legos

"My Grandfather was in World War One, in the navy," he says, ticking them off his fingers as he names them, "and my father stormed Normandy Beach, my uncle was in Korea and my brother fought in Viet Nam, but for medical reasons I couldn't join up, so I serve by coming here."

He wears a cheerful, pale yellow polo shirt with the words "Volunteer - Intrepid Museum" over his barrel chest, and his wide, pink face smiles broadly with genuine pleasure at being able to help.

"So you're gonna want to go to the end of this hall," he says, pointing with two fingers, "two hangers over, and they'll get you the stamps for your scavenger hunt."

A conspiratorial glint sparkles in his eye, and he says, "But let me ask you: do you like legos?"

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