Friday, March 8, 2013

Ray IS a Persuasive Dude

When the buzzer rings, I leave Ray up in his apartment and run downstairs to open up the heavy double doors to let Gerry the bass player in.

Gerry's bushy, black beard is beaded with moisture from the snow falling in giant flakes from the slate gray sky, and our greeting is a wet one as I clap him on the shoulder and water sprays everywhere.

As he follows me up the stairs, we discuss the new song (which, I explain, sounds like a Cure b-side from the Faith-  or maybe Seventeen Seconds-, era) but my mind is elsewhere, mulling over a question: Why did I automatically run downstairs to open the door at somebody else's apartment?

Am I so obsequious that I simply do someone else's bidding without being asked?


  1. I don't think so. I think you were pulling your weight. I host the rehearsals. Man the recording, levels. Host in other ways. I hoof two flights to let you in. Your doing the same for Jerry. I think that's appropriate. I think it was our bidding, and not my own. Perhaps a better question would be, "why are you asking that question?" Seems to me the concern over obsequiousness may be out of context here. Legitimate, but not necessarily appropriate. Happy to discuss further, if you like.