Thursday, February 29, 2024

Not Drag Racing

I pull out into traffic on my electric scooter to avoid ramming the car that has decided to park in the bike lane, but as I do, an SUV honks at me and revs its engine until I pull back in, then speeds past, windows down, heavy industrial music blasting.

I catch up with him a few minutes later where he’s stopped at a red light and slip past him, and pause only to check for traffic before going through the intersection. 

This apparently doesn’t sit well with him, as he roars past me again, a little too close, music still blasting, and tailgates another car until he’s able to run a red light a couple of streets down and speed away.

But with my constant top speed of about fifteen miles per hour, and my ability to glide through red lights after checking for oncoming cars, I catch up with him again, where he’s seething behind a truck at another red light, so I walk my scooter past him with what I hope is the appropriate amount of arrogance, and zip off into the night.

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