Tuesday, May 31, 2022


I put the penultimate load of things we’re moving to storage in the truck and, as I’m walking back, I pass a man staring down at his phone, and he’s doing the typical zombie shuffle of the hypnotically online, sort of meandering back-and-forth across the sidewalk, but I pass him much closer than a typical New Yorker would deem acceptable without any reaction from him, which automatically makes him suspicious. He continues to linger a little too close to the truck, so Katie stays downstairs to keep an eye on our stuff while I run back up to the apartment.

A little later, after we’ve finished loading and are driving the truck back to the storage place, Katie spots him again, this time crossing the street several blocks away from our house, and even as he’s crossing the street, he’s still staring into his phone, walking like he's mildly intoxicated. We decide that our suspicions of him were entirely unfounded, and he’s just really into whatever he’s watching on his phone, and, while his behavior is kinda creepy, he’s not a criminal or anything.

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