Friday, January 2, 2015

Salty Teeth

Maldon salt is really just sea salt, but the way they process it makes it come out in these delicate little step pyramid shapes that are super crunchy. The smoked kind, which I prefer because it has this extra umami flavor that's somewhat harder to come by for a vegetarian, is dried over burning oak giving the translucent crystals this lovely brownish hue.

I've eaten salt, all by itself, for years, since I was a child, really, but I mention the Maldon salt because it happens to be my favorite right now.

About once a month, usually while eating salt and feeling it crunch between my teeth, I think about how I've never had any cavities, and how the bacteria that cause tooth decay probably can't live with me eating salt and basically curing the inside of my mouth like a piece of jerky.

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