Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Evening Commute - Four (Fractured Ambient)

42nd Street Station: gilded capitalist bronze, indirect lighting white, terra cotta red, institutional gray, corrosion black

Number 5 Subway Train: black, white, speckled slate, brushed aluminum, cold marine blue, fluorescent white, electric blue spark shifting through the window from a passing train in the tunnel

14th Street Station: mottled grey, stepped on chewing gum black, bathroom tile white, industrial swamp green, scratch graffiti wooden brown, edge-of-platform safety yellow, omnipotent rust, sludged oil slick black, smoker's teeth taupe

Q Subway Train: also black, also white, also speckled slate, also brushed aluminum, also cold marine blue, also fluorescent white, and the no-color of an overcast New York City day going over the bridge, leeching the palate away.

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