Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Play IS the Thing

Katie told me a really great story, about how a stranger held the subway door for her at a really crucial moment this afternoon, and she thanked him and gave him a chocolate.  It was an awesome story, with lovely little moments and all these great details: the way the guy kicked back his leg to hold the door (and she kinda kicked back her own leg, demonstrating), and the way the guy's eyes lit up when she gave him the chocolate, and how he laughed, and his wonderful accent, and how he savored the chocolate while devouring it at the same time.

But it's her story, don't you see? I loved the way she told it, the animation of her face, her smile that was his smile, and though I sometimes steal her stories for my own, this time, all I want to do is show you her, telling her story, the little play she acted out for me, just for me, only for me.

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