Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pete Seeger Park

The train lets us off right on the shores of the Hudson River, and after we stare at the light glittering on the water for a while, we end up walking over to the park we see a little further upstream. I have my eye on this one particular bench tucked up in the shade of a giant oak overlooking a small inlet full of honking geese and complaining seagulls.

The sign at the entrance informs us we're entering Pete Seeger Park, and we drag our bags over to the bench to wait for our friend to come and pick us up. Across the inlet, a bulldozer scrapes a tiny peninsula to make ready for some development or other, and the roar of its motor drifts over the water to us, while we watch the geese decide en masse to launch their squabbling mass from the water into a cloudless blue sky.

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