Wednesday, November 28, 2018


“So the story that happened yesterday was, I was riding home on the B train after dropping off that check for us, and going over the bridge, I got a notification that somebody wanted to share a photo with me via Airdrop, and it was a photo of literally the biggest dick I have ever seen,” I tell Katie as she sits slumped on the couch thumbing through her phone.

Her eyes widen a little at this, and she’s smiling now, as I continue, “So I laugh, decline the photo, and shut off bluetooth on my phone, but not five minutes later, somebody tries to share the same photo again! So I decline again and go into my Airdrop preferences, change it to ‘Contacts Only,’ because fuck that.”

“And I totally would have used that for yesterday’s Four Each Day, but I forgot,” I finish while Katie laughs.

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