Thursday, November 16, 2017

Two Customers

1. "You have to remember, you've helped a lot of people, and even though you're not the type of person to boost yourself up, there's a real kindness in you," he says, putting his hand on my shoulder. In other circumstances, being touched like this by a stranger would be off-putting, but exhaustion from the last few days has crushed my defenses, so all I can say is, "Thanks, man," as I blink away tears.
2. "I won when I sued the Department of Corrections for three-hundred thousand dollars, cause I went to visit my boyfriend in prison and I had a tampon in," the alarm bells that went off when she twitched her way into the booth are now accompanied by the wail of danger sirens, "which they shouldn't have seen, but they pulled down my panties and examined me with the same gloves they used to search two other women, and one even told me this was true, and so I got a STI."

I find myself inordinately proud that, during our conversation, I've managed to steer her out of the booth (and away from a little boy and his mother examining a centerpiece along the western wall) using nothing more than my physical presence and whatever.
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