Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How Others See Us

The young woman next to me on the train is watching me play Candy Crush on my phone. I get a couple of good moves in, clearing the screen of little multicolored lozenges, only to have them pour in from the top of the screen again, and in a couple of moves I end up losing, again.

As I see myself through this stranger next to me's eyes, I start to feel very self-conscious - why am I playing this stupid game, and what am I doing with my life, wasting the precious time I have on earth in a banal, useless pastime that helps no one and accomplishes nothing?

I click off the game, slip my phone back into my pocket, and surreptitiously glance over at the young woman to see if I have somehow redeemed myself, but she's staring right through me with the most crossed eyes I've ever seen, and I quickly turn away before I'm caught staring.
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