Saturday, November 19, 2016

Boogie. Down.

I see him from across the street: the homeless guy who works our block during the day dancing in front of the empty storefront, boogieing hypnotically to his little boom box with his eyes closed. He sways, then stamps, shakes his hips, then does a little marching-style step that reminds me of close-order, military parade work.

A worrisome thought occurs to me - I saw him late last night, too, in the bank ATM vestibule where he usually sleeps, boogieing away, and I wonder if he's been doing it all night, all day, like some kind of "Red Shoes" thing where he can't stop dancing.

As soon as I get near him, though, he stops, with a sad, dejected look, and sort of shakes his head while he turns to change the song, as if all the dancing in the world isn't gonna make up for what's in his heart and head.

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