Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dinner Table Conversation

Our food has arrived, but nobody is eating until the owner of the restaurant finishes his story.

"So if you have a problem in the place that I am talking about," he says, with a gesture that indicates maybe the genitals? but he couldn't possibly mean that, "you put a little of this medicine on and bam, is gone."

"Or if you have a problem in the other place I am talking about," maybe the ass? it's really hard to tell, and my food is getting cold but I am absolutely NOT taking a bite while he's talking about this, "you put a little" (hand gesture that looks like shoving a finger up an invisible person's ass) "and is all fine."

Later, after he's gone back to the kitchen, Katie says, "I only understand maybe every fifth word, but he always tells such fascinating stories."

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