Thursday, March 14, 2024

Where’s Your Ball?

The woman throws the ball, and the black and white corgi tears off after it with furious, surprising speed, his tiny legs a frantic blur through the park underbrush.

Ball retrieved, he starts back toward his family, head high with pride, only to be distracted by a grey squirrel who doesn’t know enough to just keep still, and the ball is forgotten in a sudden, mad pursuit back into the bushes.

The squirrel is, of course, smarter than the corgi in the ways of the forest, and on its home turf, so the dog doesn’t stand a chance, especially when the squirrel races up a tree, leaving a momentarily frustrated pursuer to bark on the ground.

But eventually, the corgi, ears up and eyes bright, trots back to its family, unconcerned about his failure to catch the squirrel, and the woman sighs and trudges through the fresh mud to begin looking for the lost ball. 

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