Sunday, March 24, 2024

Two Types Of Trains

The train in: somewhat crowded, but we manage to find a seat.

An argument breaks out at the other end of the car, and when we pull into the station, it spills out onto the platform and turns violent - one woman beating the hell out of another (earbuds flying, hair being pulled, tearing clothes off each other) while a third tries to stop it (?) or help the beating (?) - until the doors close, leaving the three of them there still working out their differences in their own ways.

The train back home: packed, no seats to be had, until a young man, seeing my cane, graciously offers me a seat, which I gratefully accept. 

Later I mutter something to Katie about wishing I didn’t look like I needed help, and she, with a mildly reproving look, replies, “Scott, just let people be nice to you.”

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