Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventures in Spatial Intergrity

The very nice government employee at the library explaining why we can't get our IDs tonight is a "close talker," and she's so all up in my personal space that I'm starting to worry about the sanctity of my marriage, until we extract ourselves and head out to buy supplies for dinner tonight.

The guy in the grocery store reading the juice aisle like it's War and Peace doesn't even see me, or hear me, come to that, so when I say, "Pardon me," practically in his ear for the second time, he starts, stares at me like I've insulted his mom, and finally, last resort, moves out of the way.

I've got our groceries, bags in both hands, when I realize this man, white hair, sunglasses, blank affect, no sense of public distance, is standing right next to me, waiting, until I step to the side and he passes me to leave with an air of me being the asshole.

Even later, when I'm walking the dog, two guys make eye contact, one circling around while the other approaches directly, and I'm all set to fight off another mugging attempt when I realize they're just getting into their parked car beside which my dog peed.

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