Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thirsty Dreams

Using both hands, I shovel ice from the oblong bucket in the freezer into two large plastic tumblers, one pink and one blue, and a blue metal bottle with a wide mouth. I then walk them over to the sink and fill them with water, pop plastic straws into the tumblers, and screw on a lid with a built-in straw to the bottle.

This is a nightly ritual I do for us, for Katie and me, outfitting us for the nightly journey through unconsciousness - the tumblers for me (because I drink more water) and the bottle for her. Periodically during the night, we will wake on our raft of a bed that is sailing through darkness, and sip some fresh, cold water, and sink back down into dreams, while the raft drifts on through the desert of night.

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