Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18/10 a dream in which I am, perhaps, a secret agent

I skimmed the roofs of the buildings until I came to the end of the row and found myself unable to go further. Stuck, I decided to try to exit through the building I was on by climbing down, only to find that the building was the Latvian embassy, in which a lavish party was beginning, complete with sashed and monocled diplomats and ladies in elaborate, architectural dresses gliding elegantly along marble floors amid gilt ornaments and enormous oil paintings of indeterminate ancestors.

I found my way out into the garden, past the catering tables and onto a manicured lawn, which opened out onto a university campus (which university?) where I started wandering home (which home?) only to realize then that I had no idea where home was.

Two kind people fell in step with me, and, on seeing my distress, asked me, "Don't you have an iPhone with GPS?"; which, it turned out, I did.

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