Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mundane Epiphany

The end of a long day at work, I'm plodding the weary steps up from the subway to make my way home, filled with thoughts of the job. 

Suddenly it hits me (and reader, you do know how fond I am of the occasional epiphany): I've spent literal years thinking that whatever day job I happened to have at that moment was a barrier to what I really wanted to do, and that, someday, whatever creative ship I currently was sailing would come in, and my life would unfold and ramify with meaning and connection, and I would be the person that God intended me to be, full of life and joy and purpose.

That was no longer the case.

I knew, certain in my bones, that my life, better or worse, creative or not, working or not, was happening, right now, and no magic moment was approaching - everything was part of that life, and I could either embrace it or stick my head in the sand, but either way, it was gonna happen.

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