Wednesday, June 18, 2008

6-15-08 Well, thank god I got THAT over with

I could see them coming over a block away - three guys, one crosses the street, the other two come on. "Here we go," I think to myself.

Hoods up, they're within striking distance, I try to go around, the one blocks my way, the other saying, "Gimmie your money."

They leave with 20 bucks and a couple of bruises, while I leave exhilerated and furious, but otherwise unharmed (details will be found here when I get around to writing, but suffice to say, I'm fine, and feel that I acquitted myself rather well).


  1. Jeez, man. Glad you're safe and alright!

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind thoughts. No worries. They were just a couple of kids, and I count myself lucky that (a) they weren't really armed (their claims to the contrary notwithstanding) and (b) that I wasn't armed. Could've fucked up my karma something fierce.