Wednesday, February 8, 2017

She Didn't Even Know He Was Gone

The roister of teenagers rolls down the sidewalk, shoving out arms and legs gesticulating in wild enthusiasm and barking sharp stabs of laughter in a cloud of hormones and objectless sexuality. Two of the kids look like athletes - long shorts and high tops, hoodies and unconscious grace - and both of them carry identical black gym bags covered in red glitter on the tops and handles, which confuses me a little (dancers, maybe? or a really flamboyant basketball team?).

After their chaotic little parade passes us by, sweeping along the sidewalk and across the street, in their wake I find a little boy standing beside a tree, looking at me with one hand raised slightly, and a wide eyed, mischievous grin that also reads as a little scared. He and I lock eyes for a few suspended, awkward moments, until he slowly backs away and then breaks into a run, catching up to his mother halfway down the block.
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