Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Best I Could Do

It's a stupid metaphor, but somedays, that's all you get, and you have to go with it: rainbows in the reflective safety tape. I saw them scintillating in the light from our passing car on the wall of the subway tunnel as I rode the train home tonight, and I liked the sound of the phrase they evoked, the way the r's in "rainbow" and "reflective" spoke to each other, and how nicely assonant "safety tape" is.

I wrote some other stuff down, too, about how being reflective without being reactive may be the only thing that's going to keep me from turning into an anxious, defensive asshole as I get older, and there may have even been a passing thought towards how a soul is like a rainbow, which I promptly throttled.

It wasn't much, but it felt like something - something I could take home, write up, give away - so I did.

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