Thursday, July 2, 2009

7/1/09 - Caitlin Rose Visits the Zoo

My niece Caitlin Rose has never been to the zoo in the 3 years she has been alive, and Katie and I agree that being there when that happens would be an incredibly fun thing. So, to beat the heat, we end up going to the zoo around nine in the morning, figuring that the animals would be more active before the sun really beats down.

Caitlin is both amazed, and occasionally bored, at one point being way more interested in the new friend she made on the playground the zoo conveniently provided than in any animals, but the magic we were hoping for finally focuses into one moment when she reaches up her tiny hand to feed a leaf of lettuce to a giraffe as it gently bends down over her.

After we've arrived home and are lying around on couches and chairs, recovering, Katie sums it up, saying, "Living vicariously through a three-year-old is exhausting!"

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