Saturday, May 30, 2009

5/28/09 - In Central Europe, Joke Gets YOU

The two of them are clearly on a date: he is small, neat, impeccably dressed in a sharply starched (but fashionable) striped button-down shirt, his hair (receding though it may be) is cut close to his scalp, but styled and exactly so, his gold-framed glasses squarish but tasteful, his face is slightly pinched and his chin pointy, and his eyes cool and appraising, but not unkind. She is fuller, but not overweight, pretty, with full lips, big smile, brown eyes warm and intelligent, straight dark-brown hair sleek in a mid-length fashionable cut, but she doesn't look like she's trying terribly hard.

He speaks seriously to her something I can't quite catch in what sounds like a central European accent, until finally he finishes with, "...and it gets you."

He watches her, expressionless, as she considers this, her face questioning, until finally she breaks into her broad grin, and he smiles slightly, gratified that she understood his dry humor.

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