Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1-29-08 Trying too Hard

I go to see another, different place in Brooklyn, all part of the campaign to move out of the place I've lived in for almost 10 years and to cut down on my commute, both to Manhattan and to Katie's place. I see a nice place, two bedrooms, uneven floors, typical New York apartment that would cost you 700-800 dollars anywhere else, but here runs you twice that. The pleasant, smiling man who shows me the apartment answers all my questions, rushes off to another appointment, and, after some consideration, I decide to take the place. As soon as I've called him and agreed to meet to put down money the first thought that runs through my mind is "Oh my God, what have I done."


  1. Yay! You found someplace!

    But that buyer's remorse is a killer. In cases like this, I like to think of it as the cognitive dissonance between how old we feel (for me, about 17) and the fact that we're actually old enough to, you know, be putting down $1100 on an apartment and *gasp* signing a lease.

    Just keep repeating, "It's only for a year..."

  2. Oh hell's yeah.

    And, listen to philucifer - all I can say is exactly.